Summer Vacation with Family and Children: What You Need to Know

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The summer is here and with it, the summer holidays. No doubt you will enjoy this period to go on a family vacation. But we all know that traveling with children can be a source of worry, fear or at least questioning. In order to help you prepare your departure as well as your family holiday, here is our guide to things to think about when traveling with a child.

Where to go on a family holiday?

Going with family can be complicated and at the same time, it can also be possible to reduce the risks to the maximum by choosing the vacation location properly. Naturally, we recommend nature and rural destinations. Indeed, green spaces, very often a guarantee of safety with young children, will be a playground very popular with younger children. The beach is, of course, the favorite vacation spot of all, both by the smaller ones (which will, however, need a little more monitoring) than by the older ones. If you opt for a more urban destination (if traveling with a teenager, for example), you should check that the city has parks or some fun spots.

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What kind of transport to take on holidays with children?

All modes of transport have advantages and disadvantages. The plane will be fast but will probably cost more. The train will probably be a little slower but your child can stretch their legs. The bus will probably be less comfortable but your child can admire the view throughout the trip.

Traveling by plane with a child

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The main benefit, if you choose to fly with a child, will be speed. Some airlines are, on this issue, much more flexible than others. It is therefore important to pay attention to their conditions regarding luggage and supplements for the choice of chairs, etc. To avoid problems with take-off and landing, consider chewing gum with your children. Drinking a bottle at takeoff and landing will also reduce discomfort for the little ones during these critical moments.

Traveling by train with a child

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Traveling by train with kids may be the best choice for several reasons. At first, many companies have family corners onboard where children can play together and make noise without disturbing other travelers. They can also stretch their legs by walking in the main aisles of the train. Finally, the staff onboard dining cars are generally understanding and warm up the children’ food with pleasure.

Traveling by bus with a child

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Just like the train, the bus will allow you to take more suitcases with you. This will make it easier to plan your trip. In general, through school trips, children will also be more familiar with this mode of transportation. However, do not forget that buses are often smaller and do not offer as many amenities as trains and planes to travel serenely with children.

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