Private Chauffeur Transportation Services in NYC

Private Driver We Call Personal Chauffeur on Demand “Your own private Chauffeur, at your service”

Fast Break Car Service is one of our most popular services we offer. It is like having your own full time private driver on call, but only having to pay for when you need one. Your Personal Chauffeur drives you in your vehicle or ours when needed.

With our Fast Break Car Service personal chauffeur service you receive the following and much more

  • Level 3 Chauffeur
  • Priority Booking
  • Last Minute Request
  • Concierge Services
  • Suited Chauffeur
  • Uniformer Service

And Much More . . .

Why Use Fast Break Car Service Personal Chauffeur

  • Relax and Have Fun
  • Saves You Money
  • Less Pretentious Than A Limo
  • Smart and Safe
  • Convenient
  • Efficient

Use a Private Driver ( Personal Chauffeur ) For Work

Working Day Trips – Do you have a working day trip to surrounding areas of New York City. Have your Private Driver drive you there while you remain productive during the trip. No airport hassle, No rental car or cab expense, Constant cell phone usage and broad band connection allows you to relax, work, perform conference calls and remain productive during your trip. The Private Chauffeur, providers of independently contracted Private and Corporate Chauffeurs to drive you in your car whenever you don’t feel like driving. The Private Chauffeur recently celebrated a milestone…more than 19 years in business! We have been providing experienced chauffeurs services since 1993. We are so good that a collision has never happen! Collision-free in more than 19 years driving our very important customers.

You are in great hand with Fast Break Car Service , professional chauffeurs service and a cost you can afford. Our desire is to build a lasting and genuine relationship with you by providing the very best personal chauffeurs services and the ultimate driving convenience. Our personal chauffeurs are available any time and we also provide a cup of coffee.

Contact Fast Break Car Service for all your New York City and surrounding area Private Chauffeur needs. Best prices in town with the best professional car service chauffeur.