6 Surefire Ways to Completely Impress During Your First Meeting with a New Client

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What better news could you hear today? A prospective client has been impressed so far with your business and is set to physically meet with you. This is your chance to impress even further. If you could do it here, then you are most likely to win their loyalty to your business. 

This is your chance to hit the nail on the head. To do that, you have to choose the right nail. We’ll help you get everything exactly right here.

You know what they say—first impressions matter. And sometimes it matters the most. So you need to be at your very best to seal that deal and form a successful business relationship. 

In this article, we will help you with the 6 sure ways to impress completely during your first meeting with your new client and make them put the pen on the paper. 

Let’s usher them in!

1. Be prepared

Business is all about solving needs. So, this client that is about to meet with you has a need that needs solving. Before things got to this stage, they have been half assured that your business is just the right one for them. A friend or business associate that they trust probably directed them. This is the right time to give them the full assurance that you are just the right one for them. 

One of the best ways to show that is to be prepared. These potential clients have a lot of questions in their heads to throw at you. A disappointment from them is a huge loss to you. Anticipate a lot of questions and get yourself ready to give Superman quality responses. You can easily speculate the kind of service or information the client is looking for from the first call or email exchange you had with the client. Then get yourself armed with proper research and updated knowledge to take on any question that may be thrown at you.  

2. Be confident

Full preparation to take on any discussion that should lead to their signature on the paper can translate as confidence. Staying confident is a big pill to avoid unnecessary stammers. You need to show confidence in your knowledge and ability. Bear in mind that the client needs your help and you have just the solution. That’s just enough to make you confident. Ride on that and hit the nail on the head. 

3. Impress with dressing

Non-vocal expressions like your dress codes can give the very first impressions. You can communicate a lot of voiceless information with your dress code. To find out the most suitable dress code, visit the client’s website if there’s any, check out the brand’s social media, and search for the photograph of the team there. That should guide you on what to wear. 

Let’s give you the most popular dress codes for this purpose:


This is mostly the dress code for banks, law firms, or corporations. Expect a formal code if you are meeting with any of the above listed. Men should wear suits, while women should put on elegant dresses or suits as well.


Mostly for trading, pharmaceutical, and educational companies. Men should wear elegant trousers, a shirt, and a sports jacket while women should wear a skirt and a shirt or a dress.


This is usually for small or medium enterprises. There is no stringent dress code to follow. You can go as casual as you want, but make sure you are neat and smell good.

4. Listen actively 

Have you read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie”? Maybe you should read it one day. You have a lot to learn from it as a business person. In the book, listening is one of the ways to make friends and influence people. You can make business friends. One of your responsibilities is to listen actively to the client’s needs and take notes. No matter how they want to brag about their business, don’t cut them short. If you have good listening habits, you’ll easily proffer solutions that will impress clients better.

If necessary, make some gestures and make some comments to show you are paying attention. It’s a good way of letting the client know you are listening to him. 

5. Discuss their needs

Once the client has said everything on his note and you have listened raptly, it is now time to discuss. Use the information you got from active listening to proffer solutions tailored to their needs. This is the time to show your consultancy skill, how you care about their business, and how your service can benefit them and make their business a better one.

6. Arrive in style and on time

New York Corporate Transportation ServicesDo you know what you’ll possibly communicate to your client non-verbally if you arrive late? That you don’t value your time, you don’t take your business seriously, and you are careless about the meeting. A big red flag to the client. Arrive at the meeting ground on time or even better a few minutes before. 

Arriving in style is one of the best way to impress your client and boost your confidence level to the right scale to help you get the job rightly done. Since confidence is the best mentality to execute this job, then you should use every possible way to boost that. 

Outside smelling and dressing nice, another huge way of improving your confidence is by arriving with a black car. It’s like arriving in style and class. As you step down from the luxurious black car service with a chauffeur opening the door for you, it gets you just in the right business-talk mood. Landing the venue in a classy heroic scene is enough to show off to get your client’s respect. Outside the class, with a black car service, be sure never to arrive late. All things are set to arrive at just the time you are meant to. 

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