Holidays and Children: How to take care of children during the trip?

Whether you choose the bus, train or plane to travel with your kids, waiting and travel times can seem like long. However, by being well prepared, these moments can become unforgettable memories for them! Who does not remember counting the yellow cars on the road or guessing who’s around “wears glasses, has long brown hair and a mustache”? These little games, invented before the departure are an inexhaustible source to occupy the children and does not require any material. But remember to bring some books , one or two toys with you too (like small cars or a little doll that will take up very little space in your bag), a tablet or an mp3 player with some stories read and possible cartoons that will be perfect to calm your children when the trip becomes a little too long.

What to do with children on vacation?

If you enjoyed traveling unexpectedly before having children, do not change! You are the master at the controls and as long as there is something to do, your children will follow you. However, a little prediction can help. So, if you decide to visit a museum or do a fun activity with your children, book your tickets in advance on the internet. You will save a lot of time and avoid any nasty surprises regarding the price of the visits!

If you are more likely to plan everything so that everything runs smoothly, try to plan as many different activities as possible and ask your children what they want to do. They will rather go today? Go to the aquatic complex that makes you wanted to so badly! They are tired and do not want to walk that much? This will be the perfect time to enjoy a good restaurant! Do you feel they’re curious? Go to the museum. Most museums offer activities for children so that you, like them, can make the most of the day ahead!

Where to stay on a family holiday?

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Whatever the place was chosen, and especially for young children, it is important that some routine elements of everyday life are respected. Think especially not to mess up the meal and sleep times. We also recommend bringing with you some elements that will be familiar to the , such as his favorite blanket or fetish toy.

– At the hotel with children

The advantage of the hotel with a  is that the room is kept clean for you. In addition, activities are often organized for children. However, if you do not opt ​​for full board, the budget for your vacation can end up being very high.

– In a holiday apartment with children

Staying in an apartment or holiday home with children is usually the best option. Indeed, it is easy to keep the same habits as at home regarding meal times as well as the children’s diets. Furthermore, hour check-in and check-out are often more flexible, which is an advantage more for this type of housing!

– At the campsite with children

Family camping is often synonymous with freedom and fun for older children. Sleeping in tents will undoubtedly be one of their favorite memories. For teenagers, this type of accommodation can be preferred because most frequented campsites organize many activities and dance evenings that will delight your beloved teenagers!