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At some point, you may have heard of a quote that says “the journey is more important than the destination”. I couldn’t agree more especially where limousine and car services are involved. There is more to a great limousine service experience than just cruising in a luxurious vehicle to your destination. In fact, there’s nothing like great / excellence / whatever-sweet-adjective-you-can-think-of experience if the customer service is dismal.

What Makes a Great Chauffeur?

In limo service, delivery of good customer service is the work of the chauffeur. A great chauffeur should have all of the following.

Be treated to luxury and comfort
Be treated to luxury and comfort


Most of the times people book for a limo service because they are attending events and occasions; it’ll be wrong for them to arrive late. A great chauffeur will ensure he is at the client’s address early. It won’t look great on the company if a client waits for the limo. It is a whole lot better if the chauffeur is on the scene and ready to move the moment the client is ready. If a chauffeur arrives late, the client will feel the company has no value for his/her time; rehire will never cross their mind. it is therefore important that a great chauffeur is punctual in the delivery of his service.

Excellent Communication Skills

When en route to your destination, your chauffeur maybe all the company you have. A great so far should have the ability to communicate with you courteously and with dignity. Not only is this about speaking, great chauffeurs know when not to speak; they should speak only when spoken to. Communication is also important to convey delays or changes in route as a result of unpredictable traffic patterns to their clients. With excellent communication skills on the chauffeurs part, clients can feel comfortable throughout the ride.


Great Chauffeurs are professional in the discharge with their duties. They are professional in their speech, professional in the way the dress, and more importantly, professional in their driving. No one will feel comfortable or safe being driven by someone who lacks any of that. Professionalism from the chauffeur complements the elegance of a limousine service.

Puts Safety First

It is very important that a great chauffeur drives safely. They should also have knowledge of the part of town they should avoid. Weaving in and out of traffic is something they shouldn’t do. Doing that can put their clients on edge and ultimately lose confidence in the limousine service.

Licensed and Certified

A great chauffeur – a great chauffeur should have the proper license and certifications to get behind the wheel of a limousine. In the absence of this, you’ll be taking a huge risk in letting such a person drive. This puts the safety of their passengers in jeopardy.


This is a very important aspect of limo service; a great chauffeur has to do his part. Chauffeurs should be courteous to you. When you booked for a limo service you did so because you have so much respect yourself and feel you deserve it, your chauffeur should be polite to you and give you that respect you deserve. You don’t want to get in a vehicle with a foul-mouthed, bad-mannered and quick-tempered , that wasn’t what you paid for.

As a client you also have a part to play, you should also treat your chauffeurs courteously. You should treat them with the respect they also deserve. Jesus said, “do to others whatever you would like them to do to you”. That pretty sums it up.

Chauffeurs are the face of the limo service company that employs them, all of us at Fast Break Limousine know this that’s why all our chauffeurs are great and reflect on our company policy.

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