Vacation Travel Tips: Car, Train or Plane?

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Organizing your departure on vacation is not easy: obviously, you have to choose the destination, but then think about “how will I get there?”


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The easy way is definitely the car. It has the advantages of flexible schedules, the freedom to stop when needed and to take almost as much luggage as you want. On the other hand, this means of transport can prove to be a little advantageous in terms of cost (to count the price of the fuel, of toll and various expenses), of wear of the car and risks of breakdown or jams on the road. On the other hand, the car requires the driver to remain vigilant throughout the journey, resulting in a certain feeling of discomfort and fatigue on arrival, especially if he is the only driver.

If you opt for the car, plan frequent stops and maybe make the trip in two days by stopping for the night in a hotel. It is only for one night, the rooms are okay, you can stay in more than one room and the breakfast is worth the restaurant’s on the roadside that you will find on the highway areas. In addition, it allows you not to get broke at your vacation spot.


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Many holidaymakers opt for the train, which, of course, offers less independence, but much more comfortable. If you get there far enough in advance, ticket prices can be very attractive in addition to the fact that you can relax while traveling. The two main disadvantages of the train are the stops and connections more or less numerous, as well as the trip to be made between the station of destination and the specific place of the holidays. This is especially true when traveling with Prepare your trip well in advance, the best and go to an agency, they can better advise you and you avoid long trips and changes too frequent train.


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If the destination is very far, we may find ourselves obliged to fly, the major disadvantage of which is, of course, the price! Otherwise, there is nothing better in terms of speed and comfort. Another weak point that can annoy the holidaymakers: the limitation of luggage in weight and in number. But again, if you go early enough, you can really do good business. Be careful, if you search the internet to compare rates, do not forget to do it on different computers, search engines track you and if you keep the same computer, you may see the price go up.

The more adventurous or tight budgets can opt for less conventional means such as motorbikes or buses that offer less comfort.

There are cheap and convenient ways to travel, but ultimately, there’s a perfect car available to you at your convenience. Call us now.

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