Travel Tips: 5 Questions You Absolutely Need to Ask Your Travel Agent

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A lot of people don’t see the importance of hiring a travel agent. This is their argument; Why hire a travel agent when we have the Internet? The Internet no doubt provides you with details about hotels, flights, rental cars, and even local cuisine.

However, a travel agent does more than that. A travel agent communicates with you. He learns your preferences and things you’d rather avoid. Only a travel agent can tell you which hotel will best suit your needs, which cuisine you should try and even a reliable car rental. Your travel agent will provide all the information you cannot really get on the internet.

If you’re looking to hire a travel agent, there are 5 key questions you should ask and he/she should provide answers to. Let’s consider those questions and why it’s important to ask them.

5 Questions to Ask a Travel Agent Before Hiring

1. How Much Do They Charge?

This is a very important question as it could be a deterrent or a motivation factor. It’s important you ask the travel agent you’re looking to hire about his fees. Some travel agents require hourly pay, while others have a flat rate. Ask about cancellation fees too, not just booking fees. Make sure you get all the needed information on charges and hidden charges too if need be. This is important as the last thing you want is spending part of your vacation money before you go on the actual vacation.

2. How Is Their Response Time?

How quickly do they respond to their clients? How strong is their online presence? How long does it take him to respond to a client’s email or return calls if he missed them? You should get answers to all these questions as it will help you know how reliable a travel agent is. You should know that hiring a reliable client with a strong online presence is the best. This is especially necessary when you want to make last-minute plans or alterations. You want someone that replies at the get-go.

3. How Qualified are They?

Qualifications are necessary. cannot overemphasize this. In this case, the travel agent you’re looking to hire should be experienced. You want someone that travels and keeps up to date with recent information. There is training and seminars for travel agents. Ask your prospective travel agent if he attends them.

4. Have They Been to Your Destination?

One of the reasons why a travel agent is better than the Internet is their ability to tell you things as they really are. So if you’re looking to not be surprised at all at your destination and know what to expect, then you should find a travel agent that has been to your destination. He/she will be able to give you personal recommendations for hotels, transport service, and even food.

5. What Services Do They Offer?

Travel agents offer different kinds of services. So you want to know what you’re paying for. For some travel agents, they will make plans down to your lunch if you pay for it. Know what you need, let them know, and know how much they charge.

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