How to Make a Lasting First Impression within 7 Seconds

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How to Make a Good Impression in 7 Seconds

Research has shown that you can make an impression in 7 seconds.  This is absolutely true.  It doesn’t take years.  The importance of making a good impression, whether in your personal life or business life, cannot be overemphasized. Remember “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. So you should do all you can to make a good and lasting one.

Imagine this scenario,  you have a business meeting to attend, you arrive at the venue late in a beat up Sedan, sweaty and without an apology on your lips.  What impression do you think you will have on your associates? If you were in their shoes,  would you do business with you?  Of course not.  Now imagine you arrive in a clean Limousine probably one from Fast Break ,  well dressed and on time.  You’ve nailed it right?  With these two scenarios, it’s easy to see that to create a good first impression some factors need to be considered. Let’s discuss these factors.

Good Ride

Whether it’s a date or a business meeting,  it’s important you arrive in style. You don’t want to pick your date up in a dirty beat up vehicle.  She may go with you the first time,  but that’s the last as well.  You also don’t want to meet with your business associate and he/she sees you step out of a dusty beat up car.  Even you wouldn’t want to do business with you. To avoid this,  arrive in style. Let the vehicle be neat and tidy.


Nothing makes people from a bad opinion of you than arriving late to events. People value their time and would think highly of you if you respect that too.  Remember, “time is money”. This is really true in the business world where an hour spent unproductively means loss of money.  So always be punctual,  make a good impression always.  Fast break prides in the punctuality of their staff. We understand that whether it is a social event or a business event,  our clients should arrive early and we make that happen.

Good personal appearance

Your personal appearance says much about you. It influences the way people view you. If you are a business person,  it will reflect on your organization too. So,  don’t overlook this aspect.  Appear neat and well groomed.  Give off that air of confidence and credibility. When you meet someone for the first time,  that is the first thing noticed about you.  So look good.  We are all about a good impression.


Oxford Dictionaries defines courtesy as “the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior towards others”. Be courteous,  show good manners. You don’t know who you may impress. Being able to say sorry and thank you is a skill, and you need that skill.

At Fast Break ,  we know the importance of making a good first impression.  We do that too.  Our vehicles are always clean and in good shape,  our drivers are neat and well-groomed, punctual and are courteous.

No matter the event,  be it a wedding ceremony,  prom,  business meeting or a date, our vehicles will be made available for you along with a service. We want to help you create a good impression.

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