How to Get to Your Vacation Destination this Summer

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More than a few weeks separate you from the long-awaited holidays.

Already on your chair in the office, you start thinking about the sea, the palm trees. Do not dream: you will have to prepare for your trip too. Your vacation will start when you start making the plans to get on the road. The preparation of your vacation goes through the famous question “How to leave?”.

Yes, what means of transportation will you use to reach your resort? Car, train or plane, it’s up to you. Whether you leave as a couple or family, the possibilities are different.

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We know that the car is the most used means of transport for holidaymakers. In a study, it was shown that this is the mode of transport chosen in 3/4 of summer stays. If you travel with your family, you have to admit that the car is the easy way. Choice of times and route… the benefits are indisputable. You leave at the time you want. You decide to stop when you want… you feel the freedom!

Another advantage of taking the car to go to your resort? The place for your luggage. Even if your car is not bigger, we must recognize that we can prepare his luggage without worrying too much volume. You will be able to bring pink flip-flops, your pair of silver sandals, the sneakers you bought especially for the sport this summer and even your favorite shoes for an unexpected evening! Every nook and cranny of your trusty car can be used for storing your little things. Also, think of the roof box if you really miss space.

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But taking your car to go on vacation does not only have advantages. Depending on your destination, between the price of gas and the cost of tolls, your trip can be a financial pitfall and well begin the budget of your holidays. Another negative point when you decide to go on holiday by car? Unless you leave in the middle of the night, know that the road does not belong to you, unfortunately! If the traffic jams are at the rendezvous of your holidays, the trip can be long and tiring. We provide you with a guide to the best traffic applications in real time.

If you decide to go on holiday by car, plan a revision of it to avoid taking risks on the road. It would be a pity if the first leg of your vacation is the emergency stop strip of the highway…

With friends or alone, another alternative is offered to you: carpooling. In addition to being an ecological means of transportation, carpooling is simple, friendly and above all inexpensive so perfect if your budget is tight. So if you want to make someone enjoy your services (or enjoy the services of someone) to go on vacation, do not hesitate!

By train: on the way to holidays


If going on a car holiday seems too complicated or does not really suit you, why not opt ​​for the solution of the train? What better way than to reach a city on the other side of the country without too much effort?

Certainly, you will be less independent than a car trip, but if you go ahead the price of tickets may prove to be more advantageous than the price of a trip by car.

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In addition to being a convenient means of transportation, the train allows you to enjoy the trip to rest, unlike a car ride that will require concentration and energy until you arrive. It is therefore important to know what you want to privilege, comfort and rest or independence.

The only downside of this means of transport is how to reach your place of accommodation at the exit of the train, especially if it is outside the city. In this case, the solutions of the taxi or the bus are offered to you but, is it really a good idea if you travel to several and with children?

Another negative point, most of the time the trip is not direct, several stops or connections are expected which can make the journey time longer before arriving at your destination. The train is still a great way to travel great distances in a short time, especially for travelers who choose to leave as a couple.

For illustration, it takes 43 hours to drive from California to New York, but it takes only 5 hours to fly the same distance. This is the dream of all motorists during the July-August crossover. If the plane is a transport used much more to reach holiday destinations, it still has one drawback: its price.

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Going on holiday by plane may be a solution if you have a budget. Of course, a trip in the air promises you speed and comfort during the trip. However, the plane remains a very effective way of being able to visit places which one would not have access by train or by car.

Just like the train, this means of transport requires to organize your holidays early in order to find tickets at the best price. Be careful also to your luggage, because unlike the car, it is difficult to bring everything you want when flying. Limit yourself and try not to leave too much loaded because luggage is limited in weight and number. You will not be able to take everything, it will make concessions between the golf clubs and the surfboard, not to mention that we must think about the return (and the weight of the memories we bring with us)! And if you are traveling with children, you have to take special care.

Going to your vacation destination, especially with children, can come with its own share of stress and hassle. If only you had some help to take some weight off your shoulder. We have the help you need, getting to the airport and your hotel is much easier with Fast Break Limousine Car Service.

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