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Excellent Car Service for VIPs

Let’s look into a profitable use of car service. In the business world, it is important to treat your customers and clients with excellent regard, respect and courtesy. This goes a long way in improving your company’s reputation. Giving your qualified clients and esteemed customers the VIP treatment that wins their loyalty, love and respect. When they’re in town visiting your business establishments, show them how much you appreciate them and their business by treasuring them and treating them to comfort and luxury.

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Focus better on your business of the day, leave the driving to us

How do you this? The next time you have any of your clients and customers visiting town, call for an excellent Fast Break Limo Car service to treat them to a luxurious traveling experience. Reserve the services of Fast Break Limo to pick up your VIPs from the airport and take them to wherever their destination is. Whether in Suffolk county or any where else in New York. Your VIP customers and business associates are used to traveling in a classy setting, and we never compromise on delivering top quality luxury and comfort. We have a fleet of sophisticated and comfortable vehicles to cater for your needs.

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Fast Break Limo is well-known in Suffolk county, NY for being the classiest and most amazing Car service company that delivers over and above customers expectations. We have professional and courteous chauffeurs who know how to give a passenger a most exciting and comfortable travel experience. From airport pickup to drop off in all airports in New York and transportation to several cities in New York, we blaze the path of excellence that other Car service companies strive to match.

Fast Break Limo conserves a well-kept fleet of luxury black cars, sedans, limousines, SUVs and corporate card to make sure whatever the request we get from clients we will always be ready to deliver on time.

Book a Fast Break Limo Car service today to enjoy luxury, speed and comfort. It’s affordable for anyone to enjoy luxurious travel experience.


5 Ways Fast Break Limo is the best choice over a Taxi

When people are faced with the transportation options available to them for running errands, getting to the airport, traveling or just attending special events, they naturally choose taxis. Taxis are like the norm, but are they the best option?

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Taste luxury and class with our Black Car service

We will discuss about several ways in which using Fast Break Limousine for your airport transportation, black car service or vacation transportation is the better way to go than standing by the roadside and hailing a cab.

1) Fast Break Limo unique pricing

Most people think that a Limo service is more expensive than a cab mainly because limousines are associated with luxury. But you’ll be surprised to know that cabs cost just as much, if not higher, as a limo service for the same distance.

Cab companies tend to add extra charges to your metered fare. The longer the distance, the higher the fare plus extra charges for curbside pick-up or drop-off, loading and uploading luggage e.t.c.

Fast Break Limo however uses an all-inclusive pricing that covers all extra services. And your driver focuses more on your needs than how long it takes to take you to your destination.

2) NYC Personalized Car service

With a range of car services to choose from (sedan service, black car service, corporate car service), your needs will certainly be met. A cab driver focuses more on getting you to your destination as fast as possible so he can make the maximum amount of money before he’s done for the day. For that reason, he may not strike up a conversation with you or will charge you extra for making stops on the way.

But with a Car service from Fast Break Limo, special attention is paid to your needs. It’s all about you for that day. Every single bit of the service is done to your preference.

3) Cleanliness and Comfort

Taxi cabs are not popular for being sparkling, germ-free and clean. And we understand just how good you will feel riding in a clean and hygienic vehicle, without fear for the mess of other customers. Fast Break Limo strives to keep the cars clean for every client. You can listen to music, sit anywhere freely, breath in refreshed and conditioned air and drink wine out of a glass. What matters is your comfort.

4) Fast Break Limo reservations

You can easily call a cab company and request a ride or hail a taxi cab from the curb. But waiting for a taxi driver to be made available for you won’t be so easy. It could often take up to an hour.

Corporate car service solution to hailing a cab

Save your energy, make a reservation

Reserving an NYC limo, however, works around your schedule. You get a ride when you need the ride. Not a minute later. No inconvenience, no delays.

5) Status and Class

On that special occasion when you need to appear at a classy event, enjoy a service better than what a taxi cab can offer, celebrate an occasion with family and friends or you want to make guest feel special by reserving a limo for them, use Fast Break Limo.

When you showcase such class or give someone that special treatment, you’ll earn respect and show that you deserve such treatment too. It’s better for your social and business life.

Black car service

Focus better on your business of the day, leave the driving to us

Making a choice from the transportation options available to you becomes even easier when you consider what Fast Break Limo offers you over a conventional cab service. Get treated with comfort, class, respect and luxury when you ride with us.


Why You Should Pre-Book Your NYC Airport Transportation

It is very important to make your travel experience as hassle-free as possible so that your mind can be focused on the main reason why you took the trip. Experienced travelers know that one of the best ways to reduce the stress of traveling is by pre-booking airport transportation. Once your airport pickup and dropoff arrangements have been taken care of, your mind won’t be boggled with unnecessary details at your arrival. All you have to do is sit back, and let the reliable airport service you hired (such as Fast Break limousine) handle the traffic maneuver in NYC and get you to your desired destination on time.

Do you like to fight to get a taxi cab at the airport?

Do you like to fight to get a taxi cab at the airport?

Research to choose the best service ahead of time

Even if lots of airport transportation service companies are available, especially in a place like New York, it doesn’t have to be a case of searching for a needle in a haystack. A good airport transportation service is actually easy to find if you use the internet. Research the company via websites and reviews from past clients. You’ll get an insight into the best choice for airport service. Pre-planning your airport transportation service choice is key to reducing headaches, and lets travelers know what to expect from their chosen service on arrival.

Convenient Pickup and Drop off

There is just so much to handle when traveling. Being at your terminal right on time for your flight is one side of the struggle. The other half is managing transportation from arrival to your hotel room or other lodging options. In an event when you have to book airport transportation service to a departing flight, it’ll be smart of you to make arrangements for the same services at your point of arrival.

Pre-booking your airport transportation service can remove most of the hassle from traveling. So you can focus better on enjoying your trip and everybody can have the maximum length of good time.

The wrong thing to do is…

Wait till you arrive before making plans for your Airport transportation. A lot of people are aware of this but the number of people still doing it will make you doubt this fact. This leads them to lots of problems. Like exposing themselves to extra stress of fighting for a ride or security issues. Most times, cab drivers will charge higher fares for destinations that go outside their regular route. And they don’t care that you have to put up with the poor hygienic condition of their vehicles.

These problems can be easily avoided. And that is by pre-booking your airport transportation service with a reliable airport transportation company. When done correctly, travelers only have to pick their bags up at arrival and meet their driver, then sit back and enjoy the comfort of a guaranteed ride down to their destination.

Airport transportation services are a great way to ease the hassle of travel. Travelers can enjoy safe, comfortable and guaranteed ride to and from the airport.

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What options do you have for Airport transportation?

New York city gridlock

New York city gridlock

Travelers who are concerned about speed, safety and stress always choose air transport as their major means of transportation. But due to uncontrollable circumstances, these isn’t always enjoyable. Sometimes the food isn’t acceptable to your body. Or the ticket prices are now higher than ever before. Nowadays, some travelers report that the seats are smaller and there are fewer amenities than what was obtainable before. Let’s share with you some airport transportation options available:

One option is riding the bus. The downside to this is that they’re often slow and you can’t use them if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere. Another issue is that buses arrive by schedule, so if you missed the first bus, you’ll have to wait for the next one. Sometimes this could take hours. Buses also travel on highways. So if your destination is not along the highway, you’ll have to drop off and find another means to get there. The bus is just one instance of public transport, there are others available in the United States.

Another option you could go for are taxi cabs. Taxi cabs in NYC could be awesome, if you get the nice drivers. But most of the time they aren’t rude. If you’re a really sensitive person, you should opt for a private limo service with a driver that will treat you right. Taxi cabs, however, can be available without bookings ahead of time. You can have them waiting outside the airport ready to take you to your destination any time. Although, charges change according to distance.

If you’re one who has a strong liking for luxury and comfort, you can opt for a private limo service to pick you up from the airport. You will have a chauffeur already awaiting your arrival at the airport, to welcome and drive you to your destination. All you have to do is book a reservation, sit back and enjoy. You also don’t have to worry about your bags and luggage, your chauffeur will handle that for you. Most people seem to think this luxury is too expensive. But the truth is, if you book early enough, you won’t have to pay as much.

Fast Break Limousine offers you airport transportation in NYC, wine tours, limousine service, sedan service and others in and around the state of New York. Fast break limousine transportation services are available in the following cities for drop off and pick ups to and NYC or anywhere you need to go in Suffolk county, NY.


Reliable NYC Airport Transportation Service at its best

New York city! City of bright lights; the city of buzz and activity; the city that never sleeps. The city that’s always on the move. New York is not a pretty exciting place. New York is a VERY exciting place! Lots of people, lots of cars and lots of movement. The myriad of activities can confuse a new visitor to the city. With all the hustle and bustle, New York city experiences a lot of traffic gridlock. And that is one of the major downsides to this amazing hub of business and pleasure.

Busy JFK airport

Busy JFK airport

Oftentimes it becomes a real headache for a traveler to get transportation to NYC and back. Even in situations where a traveler comes to New York on business and needs to rent a car to drive around, it could be so full of hassle. It could also be trouble fighting traffic when you don’t know New York streets like you should. And it could distract one’s mind from the real business at hand, and reduce productivity.

NYC Airport Transportation Service

However, to every problem there’s a solution. Although for this particular problem of transportation issues, there are a lot of businesses out there who claim to offer the best solution to your airport transportation needs. But here’s why you should choose us.

So why should you hire a reliable NYC airport transportation service?

Arriving at New York airport can be hassle-free

Arriving at New York airport can be hassle-free

First of all you’ll spend far less than you can imagine. It’s cheaper doing your airport pickup and dropoff with Fast Break limousine than renting a car to drive yourself or calling a taxi cab. What’s even better? We can take you on wine tours. And your nights on the town can be 100% pleasure, 0% stress.

Secondly, you get to experience luxury while you travel. Could you compare riding on a bus, or driving a rental car to the SUV transportation services we offer? No, you can’t. Our cars are sparkling clean and you get expertly chauffeured by professional drivers with years of experience to their name. We also offer stretch limousine services, black car service and corporate car service for New York travelers. When you ride with Fast Break limousine, you don’t have to call a cab every time you have to move or wait for a bus or train. We can pick you up wherever you are and drive you down to wherever you want to be. Our services are spread around lots of cities, you can check our website for that info.

Our chauffeurs value their job a lot and know just how more valuable your time is to you. They act professionally and guarantee you timely pickup and dropoff at the right locations.

Whenever you want to be easily transported around the state of New York, to your hotel, your business meeting, a sporting event or even prom, you can call us and get ready to have an amazing time!

You can also book a reservation online.


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Our cars in Long Island New York have professional and courteous chauffeurs who have extensive driving experience. When you hire Fast Break car, you get the best New York car service for all your personal and corporate transportation needs.

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