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You Want to Cruise in a Limo to These Occasions

Nothing gets anyone peaked up for an occasion like a shiny limo. Limousines have become synonymous with class, luxury, glamour, and elegance. In addition to these, they also offer you security and a feeling of tranquility. These are some of the events that offer you a chance at one; you definitely don’t want to miss them:

Black Car service

Taste luxury and class with our Black Car service


Winter is over, Summer is here. No more rainy days the perfect time to tie the union with the love of your life. Children will be on vacation and there will be a lot of people in attendance. Add a touch of glamor, class, and elegance to your wedding by riding with your newly wed in a limousine.

Night out

A night out has never been as much fun! You definitely need to call all of your friends and get the whole gang together for an amazingly fun night out. Having a limo service at your disposal also means that you will not need to have a designated driver and everyone can enjoy the occasional drink. A limo service on your night out is that you have all the perfect conditions to go clubbing or pubbing. You can take the party wherever you want and that is absolutely amazing.

Prom limousine service: The more, the merrier

Prom limousine service: The more, the merrier

Romantic Date

Your significant other definitely deserves the best. This is exactly why you should surprise them with a romantic evening out. You can sip some champagne and listen to romantic music on your way to a classy restaurant. You can fix up a picnic or you can go sightseeing. To be honest, it does not really matter what your plans are for this night. As long as you show up in a limousine, we guarantee that they will be absolutely excited, especially if you are not particularly the romantic type.



Living in a city for a very long time can have a negative effect when it comes to your perception of that place. In other words, you tend to get used to the place and it becomes less and less interesting. However, you should know that every place has some quite amazing things to offer and it would be a shame for you to miss them. This is why you should call your best friends, your sister or your mother, you should book a limo service and let it take you on a sightseeing adventure. Most limo drivers are incredibly experienced and they know a lot about a city and about its neighboring areas, so you might even want to ask them for a few pointers on where to go and what to see.


Make yourself feel like a celebrity –  which of course you are, you’re the celebrity of your life – this summer, don’t let the chances to ride in a limo pass you by.  If you are interested, you should definitely give us at Arroyo Transportation a call. We guarantee that you will have an amazing time no matter the occasion.


Benefits of Using FastBreak Limousine Service

If you’ve never experienced the luxury a limousine offers, you definitely want to. It is an awesome idea. missing out on the perks that come with riding in one. You don’t need to be mighty rich to experience it. With affordable rental fees, FastBreak Limousine offers you chances at one. There are hosts of other benefits you get when  you choose us:

Limo Transportation service in NYC

Limo Transportation service in NYC

You Save Valuable Time

“… getting lost in New York was a nightmare, I can’t imagine someone going through that and not losing it”. That’s a family member relating to me his experience. He made the mistake of not engaging the services of a limo service.

The time you should have spent doing what you came to do in New York is spent trying to get your bearings. Making timely reservations with our limo service to convey you from NY Airport to your destination will take away the risk of getting lost. Our chauffeurs know the routes with the least traffic to get you to your destination saving you time that could make all the difference.


We Are Reliable

With a well-planned session when making reservations you can trust our chauffeurs to get you to your destination anywhere in New York with 20 minutes to spare. Moreover, our limousines are regularly maintained and serviced prior to an appointment. This gives us the confidence to say that your trip will be smooth, hitch and hassle free. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.


We Offer Luxury and Comfort

Long flights are sometimes nerve cracking and energy consuming; It’s not an uncommon sight to see people looking like they’ve been through the mill in airports. Making a stop when you have an important engagement is not something you can afford. But our limousines that pick you from the airport offer you a wealth of comfort and luxury. There is no doubt that this will help you calm your body and nerves in readiness of whatever you need to do.


Efficient Services

To save you unnecessary expenses and costs we have dedicated staffs who constantly watch traffic and relay to our chauffeurs the best routes. This ensures that resources and time are saved. Additionally, our limousines are in the best shape, they consume gas at the normal rate and don’t pollute the air.


No More Worries

Lots of benefits come with letting someone else drive you. Once you get into our limousines, you don’t have to worry about parking spots and through traffic. Someone is paid to do that. Just sit back, relax, catch up on your emails, celebrity news, and trend in the stock market. Give yourself the VIP treatment. You can rest assured that you will arrive in record time.


If you want to engage our limo services, give us a call. We have provided our past and present clients with these benefits and more. Why should yours be different?



Why Reserving a Car Service is good practice

In this post, we want to review something we’ve discussed before. Why is reserving a car service good practise?

It is very important to make your travel experience as hassle-free as possible so that your mind can be focused on the main reason why you took the trip. Experienced travelers know that one of the best ways to reduce the stress of traveling is by pre-booking airport transportation. Once your airport pickup and dropoff arrangements have been taken care of, your mind won’t be boggled with unnecessary details at your arrival. All you have to do is sit back, and let the reliable airport service you hired (such as Fast Break limousine) handle the traffic maneuver in NYC and get you to your desired destination on time.

Do you like to fight to get a taxi cab at the airport?

Do you like to fight to get a taxi cab at the airport?

Research to choose the best service ahead of time

Even if lots of airport transportation service companies are available, especially in a place like New York, it doesn’t have to be a case of searching for a needle in a haystack. A good airport transportation service is actually easy to find if you use the internet. Research the company via websites and reviews from past clients. You’ll get an insight into the best choice for airport service. Pre-planning your airport transportation service choice is key to reducing headaches, and lets travelers know what to expect from their chosen service on arrival.

Convenient Pickup and Drop off

There is just so much to handle when traveling. Being at your terminal right on time for your flight is one side of the struggle. The other half is managing transportation from arrival to your hotel room or other lodging options. In an event when you have to book airport transportation service to a departing flight, it’ll be smart of you to make arrangements for the same services at your point of arrival.

Pre-booking your airport transportation service can remove most of the hassle from traveling. So you can focus better on enjoying your trip and everybody can have the maximum length of good time.

The wrong thing to do is…

Wait till you arrive before making plans for your Airport transportation. A lot of people are aware of this but the number of people still doing it will make you doubt this fact. This leads them to lots of problems. Like exposing themselves to extra stress of fighting for a ride or security issues. Most times, cab drivers will charge higher fares for destinations that go outside their regular route. And they don’t care that you have to put up with the poor hygienic condition of their vehicles.

These problems can be easily avoided. And that is by pre-booking your airport transportation service with a reliable airport transportation company. When done correctly, travelers only have to pick their bags up at arrival and meet their driver, then sit back and enjoy the comfort of a guaranteed ride down to their destination.

Airport transportation services are a great way to ease the hassle of travel. Travelers can enjoy safe, comfortable and guaranteed ride to and from the airport.

Are you scheduling an airport transportation in Suffolk county, NY?

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Get reliable and trustworthy NYC airport transportation service

Do you want to reserve a ride to the airport? Or want a car service from Montauk to NYC? Want to make it to a sporting event right on time?

Limo Transportation service in NYC

Limo Transportation service in NYC

Then booking a ride with Fast Break Limo will offer you the luxury, timeliness and comfort you deserve with affordable prices. Fast break limo is a well-known limo company in Suffolk county, New York. Because of the service we provide, you don’t have to wait for hours for a taxi cab or any public transport; this makes riding with Fast Break limo a wise option. If you are visiting New York for a business meeting, then reserving a car service with us will provide you right-on-time, safe and affordable limo service or car service​ to your destination, with no possibility of postponements or hassles. We service the following cities and much more:
Brentwood, West Babylon, Mastic Beach, Riverhead, Holbrook, North Babylon, Huntington Station, Melville, South Jamesport.

Travel with Fast Break Limo Airport Car service

As a business person traveling with Fast Break limo, you don’t just spend your entire time taking the ride. We provide you with comfort and luxury to do some business on the go. You can make and receive calls, read and reply emails, prepare your schedule and even review your presentation prior to getting to your business meeting. Fast Break car service offers you a comfortable interior for professional or business tasks, and also for anybody who wants deluxe and secure ride to and from the airport. We are fully aware of the importance of the professional requirements you need in a car service. With that knowledge, we’re equipped to supply excellent service with higher value to meet your needs.

Book a Fast Break limo airport car service

It’s a smart choice to book fast break limo to pick up your important clients from the airport or get them to a meeting. We will offer them the best kind of service with comfort and luxurious treatment. We can drive them to lunch or dinner in an exquisite way. Show them how much you value them and their business. They will be satisfied once they are received by our Chauffeur at the airport and led into a black classy Fast Break limo. Our fleet consists of the best kind of modern vehicles, equipped to provide you a great atmosphere to relax.
Our drivers are professional and well dressed. They are equipped with the knowledge of the area, locations and are highly trained to obey traffic laws and keep your safe. Their training also includes etiquettes to give you the best professional treatment. Book your ride now.


How to spend less on your Prom limousine car service

It’s April and graduation period is upon us. High schoolers are getting their prom dates, tuxedos and dresses ready for a night of a lifetime. There is also preparation for the grand ride you’ll be reserving for your trip to Prom. Here’s what you should know about riding in a Fast Break Limo.

Prom limousine service: The more, the merrier

Prom limousine service: The more, the merrier

Party Sizing

NYC ride and Fast Break Limo

Would it be just you and your date? Or there’ll be a couple of friends coming along too? Or more companions? This is important information you must think of when booking a Fast Break Limo Car service. You should keep two things in your mind:
One, your financial budget. It is much cheaper to split the expense with 10 people than when you’re paying alone.
Two, the actual size of your Fast Break Limo Car service will also differ significantly, depending on how many people who are taking the ride with you. If there are just a couple of you, you have more options to choose from, depending on your taste. On the other hand, the more people in your party, the bigger the ride you’ll need. The bigger the ride you’ll need, the more you’ll have to spend and the more restricted your choice of vehicle will be. In the luxury transportation industry, the bigger Fast Break Limo you will need, the better and more economical the rate. Going with more people to split the price of the limousine is much better. In essence, the more, the merrier.

Fast Break Limo Service offers different Car choices

The next step to take when reserving a Prom Fast Break Limo is to think about the choice of vehicle available to you. In Fast Break Limo, the best class of vehicles are provided to you in an almost infinite fleet of luxury. We have the limousine that will have enough room for a maximum of 10 passengers, along with SUVs that can hold up to 7 people. If you have a smaller party of 2 or 3 persons, you may want to consider a town car, fancy sedan or luxurious SUV.

Your own timetable for the night time

The third step when hiring a car service for your prompt is to think of your timetable. What’s your schedule for the night like? Do you plan on having a dinner before going to the dance? Are going to be picked up at the exact same place or is your limo going to make various stops? How much time do you intend to spend at your prom night? Would you need to have a ride home or a one-way trip? Contrary to what you’ve been hearing about limo transportation, the answers to these questions directly affect how much you’ll spend. In case you’ll be making several stops during the entire evening, then it most likely is less expensive for you if you book a limo service for a specific number of hours, as opposed to a pickup and drop off flat rate. You see the trick?

With this newly acquired knowledge, you’re more confident you can dazzle on your prom night without making a dent on your pocket. Call us now and make a reservation with Fast Break Limo. Let’s write your history together.


What you should know about using Fast Break Limo

As a client, your travel experience with Fast Break Limo has to be more than remarkable. At Fast Break Limo, we make it our number business to ensure customer’s satisfaction, comfort and we’re always reliable.

Excellent Black Car service in NYC

Excellent Black Car service in NYC

Fast Break Limo guarantees timeliness in transportation, safety and comfort. If perchance you’re getting less than the excellent quality of service we guarantee somewhere else, you need to consider Fast Break Limo and let a trial convince you. An unsatisfying experience in Fast Break Limo is like seeing a pig in flight.

We will discuss some things you need to know about the kind of service we offer at Fast Break Limo. These are what you need to know about Fast Break Limo concerning airport transportation:

Style and Comfort with our corporate car service

Never compromise on the quality of service you need. Your driver should be looking great and presentable, well-dressed in a corporate wear. The vehicle should be clean, hygienic and free of cigarette smoke or any unpleasant substance.

You pay good money for corporate car service, you deserve to be driven in a new car. That’s why we have in fleet, new or late-model vehicles which are kept clean and ready to ensure you enjoy every bit of your ride from home/hotel to airport and from airport to home/hotel. Airport pick up and airport drop off has never been so convenient and enjoyable.

Experienced Professional Drivers

Best driver for Black Car service NYC

Best driver for Black Car service NYC

A private Transportation company that knows it’s business makes sure customers are driven by the best drivers in town. It is important for the customer to feel safe and comfortable with the driving at all times. The driver should not make sudden stops, sharp turns and jerking accelerations.

An experienced professional driver will know the different routes of the city like the back of his hand. The driver will be able to beat traffic congestion and take you to your destination on time. He won’t answer personal phone calls or use his phone while driving you. Everything will be done is such a manner as to keep your comfort and security at the top level.

Black Car Service

Finally, you can enjoy the company of your driver. He can have a conversation with you, although he won’t speak until you speak to him. You can ask him for assistance and he will be happy to help. He’s there to serve you. The least of your worries will be your Transportation to your destination when you reserve a ride with Fast Break Limo.

When you need the most excellent quality of service for airport transportation, black car service or corporate car service, contact Fast Break Limo, so we can give you the kind of service you expect for your money.


Here’s why a Limo Service is the right choice for Airport Transportation

Do you need airport transportation that caters for your comfort and is also affordable? Is time of the essence and you can’t just tolerate arriving late? Here’s an opportunity for you to choose the best limo transportation company in NYC that balances affordable pricing with excellent quality of service.

Limo interior, no compromise on luxury

Limo interior

Using a limousine service to arrive at the airport on time and in style might even cost less than you think. If you take advantage of offers and play your cards right, you’ll be delighted to find out it’s even cheaper than taking a regular taxi cab.

Why should you use limousine service for airport transportation?

Limo Transportation service in NYC

Limo Transportation service in NYC

No hassle, no stress

You can travel with maximum peace of mind. You don’t have to worry over parking space, the time, gas or getting the ride. You will feel at ease and you can then direct your mental energy towards doing productive things while riding the chauffeur-driven limousine. All you have to do is book the ride, sit back and let the transport company handle the rest.

Less cost, greater comfort

You don’t have to pay for long-term parking. That’s an unnecessary extra cost. Plus you don’t have to worry about how fast it will take your bus or taxi cab to get to the airport. You don’t even have to carry your luggage, your limousine driver will do that for you. All you have to do is take advantage of the numerous payment options (cash isn’t always necessary) and enjoy your classy ride in the limousine to and from the airport.

Safer and more hygienic

If it is very essential for you to arrive on time at the airport for your very important flight, then you should be very picky about the transport company you contract with. Make sure to hire the limousine service that can make this happen for you. In NYC, fast break limo has got you covered. We have experienced drivers who know the ins and outs of all the roads in NYC and the shortcuts to get you to the airport on time. Speeding is not necessary for fast break limo drivers to beat time.

And we don’t compromise on safety.

Customer safety is a very important factor in our service delivery. Limousine transportation service is the best choice for any one who wants the right mix of comfort and safety.

Make a reservation

Airport Transportation with limo is the best pick

Airport Transportation with limo is the best pick. Beat traffic and arrive on time.

If you’ve decided to use a limo service in New York then you don’t have to browse the internet to find the right pick. You may think most people don’t use limousine service but New York is a city for business. Business people work all day and using a limo transport service is essential for portraying an excellent corporate image.

Whenever you’re ready to use a limo service in Suffolk county or anywhere else in New York, call us or make a reservation online.


Fast Break Limo Services for NYC airport transportation

Airport transportation is in high demand in cities with a very healthy economy. Lots of business transactions, conferences and meetings require business people and professionals to move from one city to another. Air transportation has bridged the gap between most cities in the world which is the reason many meetings are made possible in the country.

Airport transportation to and from JFK

Airport transportation to and from JFK

In a city such as New York City, the frequency of movement in the airport is a tremendous number. Millions of travelers use the JFK airport per year. And this means millions of travelers seeking transport from the airport to their various destinations every year. That’s where Fast Break Limo comes into the picture. We’re a company that provides several kinds of car services for travelers in numerous cities in New York and we’re based in Suffolk County, NY. We provide airport transportation for any traveler in New York. And we do it with so much excellence that it sets us apart from other transportation companies. And we have our previous clients calling back to do business with us again.

Fast Break Limo fleet

We own a fleet of cars ranging from Sedans to Limos, Black car to corporate vehicles. Our limos are designed with expanded chassis, so there’s so much room inside for your comfort when traveling in large groups. We own the finest quality vehicles of various kinds. You never run out of options when in need of vehicles for occasions such as weddings, bachelor parties, proms, anniversaries and sporting events.

Airport transportation made easier and classier with Fast Break Limo

Airport transportation made easier and classier with Fast Break Limo

Our Chauffeurs make your ride amazing

We have excellent Chauffeurs who make you feel like the most esteemed​ customer. There is no preferential treatment, but the best quality of service is given to every customer because you all are the reason our doors open every morning. Our Chauffeurs will strike up interesting conversations with you and keep you entertained while driving you safely to your destination on time.

Never again do you have to worry about missing your flights or go late for your appointments because of the NYC traffic situation. At Fast Break Limo, we hire the most experienced drivers who know the ins and outs of the city and can manoeuvre any traffic situation depending on your demand and urgency. We strive to transport you in style and excellence.

Book your ride with Fast Break Limo for all occasions

It’s quite rare to find anyone out there who doesn’t like comfort, style, class and saving time. Any one who knows their business well will always want these when it comes to moving from one place to another. Using Fast Break Limo to attend any occasion, conference or meeting has an amazing way to creating a great impression on those who see you arrive. And in business, you know, image is everything. Arrive the way you want to be addressed.


Reserve a ride with us today.


Excellent Car Service for VIPs

Let’s look into a profitable use of car service. In the business world, it is important to treat your customers and clients with excellent regard, respect and courtesy. This goes a long way in improving your company’s reputation. Giving your qualified clients and esteemed customers the VIP treatment that wins their loyalty, love and respect. When they’re in town visiting your business establishments, show them how much you appreciate them and their business by treasuring them and treating them to comfort and luxury.

Black car service

Focus better on your business of the day, leave the driving to us

How do you this? The next time you have any of your clients and customers visiting town, call for an excellent Fast Break Limo Car service to treat them to a luxurious traveling experience. Reserve the services of Fast Break Limo to pick up your VIPs from the airport and take them to wherever their destination is. Whether in Suffolk county or any where else in New York. Your VIP customers and business associates are used to traveling in a classy setting, and we never compromise on delivering top quality luxury and comfort. We have a fleet of sophisticated and comfortable vehicles to cater for your needs.

Book Fast Break Limo Car Service

Fast Break Limo is well-known in Suffolk county, NY for being the classiest and most amazing Car service company that delivers over and above customers expectations. We have professional and courteous chauffeurs who know how to give a passenger a most exciting and comfortable travel experience. From airport pickup to drop off in all airports in New York and transportation to several cities in New York, we blaze the path of excellence that other Car service companies strive to match.

Fast Break Limo conserves a well-kept fleet of luxury black cars, sedans, limousines, SUVs and corporate card to make sure whatever the request we get from clients we will always be ready to deliver on time.

Book a Fast Break Limo Car service today to enjoy luxury, speed and comfort. It’s affordable for anyone to enjoy luxurious travel experience.


5 Ways Fast Break Limo is the best choice over a Taxi

When people are faced with the transportation options available to them for running errands, getting to the airport, traveling or just attending special events, they naturally choose taxis. Taxis are like the norm, but are they the best option?

Black Car service

Taste luxury and class with our Black Car service

We will discuss about several ways in which using Fast Break Limousine for your airport transportation, black car service or vacation transportation is the better way to go than standing by the roadside and hailing a cab.

1) Fast Break Limo unique pricing

Most people think that a Limo service is more expensive than a cab mainly because limousines are associated with luxury. But you’ll be surprised to know that cabs cost just as much, if not higher, as a limo service for the same distance.

Cab companies tend to add extra charges to your metered fare. The longer the distance, the higher the fare plus extra charges for curbside pick-up or drop-off, loading and uploading luggage e.t.c.

Fast Break Limo however uses an all-inclusive pricing that covers all extra services. And your driver focuses more on your needs than how long it takes to take you to your destination.

2) NYC Personalized Car service

With a range of car services to choose from (sedan service, black car service, corporate car service), your needs will certainly be met. A cab driver focuses more on getting you to your destination as fast as possible so he can make the maximum amount of money before he’s done for the day. For that reason, he may not strike up a conversation with you or will charge you extra for making stops on the way.

But with a Car service from Fast Break Limo, special attention is paid to your needs. It’s all about you for that day. Every single bit of the service is done to your preference.

3) Cleanliness and Comfort

Taxi cabs are not popular for being sparkling, germ-free and clean. And we understand just how good you will feel riding in a clean and hygienic vehicle, without fear for the mess of other customers. Fast Break Limo strives to keep the cars clean for every client. You can listen to music, sit anywhere freely, breath in refreshed and conditioned air and drink wine out of a glass. What matters is your comfort.

4) Fast Break Limo reservations

You can easily call a cab company and request a ride or hail a taxi cab from the curb. But waiting for a taxi driver to be made available for you won’t be so easy. It could often take up to an hour.

Corporate car service solution to hailing a cab

Save your energy, make a reservation

Reserving an NYC limo, however, works around your schedule. You get a ride when you need the ride. Not a minute later. No inconvenience, no delays.

5) Status and Class

On that special occasion when you need to appear at a classy event, enjoy a service better than what a taxi cab can offer, celebrate an occasion with family and friends or you want to make guest feel special by reserving a limo for them, use Fast Break Limo.

When you showcase such class or give someone that special treatment, you’ll earn respect and show that you deserve such treatment too. It’s better for your social and business life.

Black car service

Focus better on your business of the day, leave the driving to us

Making a choice from the transportation options available to you becomes even easier when you consider what Fast Break Limo offers you over a conventional cab service. Get treated with comfort, class, respect and luxury when you ride with us.